公平、多元化、包容 & 归属感

In 2018, the 公平、多元化、包容, 和 归属感 (EDIB) Initiative was launched as an institutional priority, EDIB成为学校战略计划的核心价值. Housed in the 总统办公室 和 supporting programs in all divisions 和 departments, 我们在EDIB的努力对茱莉亚的使命至关重要.


Juilliard is committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive, 支持, 欢迎大家. We recognize it is only through a dedicated commitment to nurturing this environment that we can achieve our mission of providing the highest caliber of artistic education to students 和 actively shaping the future of the performing arts. As such, 公平、多元化、包容, 和 归属感 is a core value 和 priority of the school.




  • Fostering an inclusive, 支持, 和欢迎 environment for all.   
  • Endeavoring to provide fair treatment, 访问, 和 opportunity for all students, faculty, 和 staff. 
  • 建立社区, 鼓励合作和创新, 和 providing artistic 和 educational experiences at the highest level of excellence.  
  • Respecting diverse perspectives 和 fostering opportunities for broader dialogues 和 experiences. 
  • Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth 和 change as we further develop our EDIB 工作. 
  • Continued support, development, 和 launching of programming that embodies our commitment to EDIB. 



We use the acronym EDIB to describe our efforts to build a community 和 practice that is inclusive, 支持, 公平的, 和欢迎. 以下术语用于描述我们的工作:

公平:促进公平待遇, 访问, 和 opportunity for advancement while striving to identify 和 eliminate barriers that have prevented the full participation of all groups.

多样性:心理, 物理, 和 social differences that occur among any 和 all individuals; these include but are not limited to race, 种族, 国籍, 宗教, 政治信仰, 社会经济地位, 年龄, 性别, 性取向, 心理或生理能力, 等.

包容: The act of creating environments in which any individual or group can be 和 feel welcomed, 受人尊敬的, 支持, 和 valued to fully participate 和 be their full authentic selves.

归属感: The sense of acceptance as a part or member of a group; an important human need that cultivates value 和 positive outcomes.  


2018年7月, President Damian Woetzel shared in his inaugural mess年龄 to the community, 在他的第一次毕业典礼演讲中有进一步的描述, 2018年9月, that EDIB initiatives would be a core value 和 priority of the school. 我们的前进道路是全面的, with 公平、多元化、包容, 归属感是学校的核心价值和优先事项. 

The Office of EDIB aims to 工作 on issues that may arise throughout the student experience, 侧重于评估需要的领域, 分析数据, 并确定跨部门行动的优先顺序. The major initial steps of the office formation can be categorized as follows:



The Foundational Workshop designed 和 implemented in 2019 for Juilliard employees has since been incorporated into an online session to be given to all Juilliard employees as a part of the onboarding process. The sessions will also be available to continuing faculty 和 staff as an additional resource beyond the yearly 工作shop offerings.



与学生发展部合作, the Office of EDIB has exp和ed orientation touchpoints for under研究生, 研究生, 转学生. Under研究生 sessions focus on community building 和 aspects of belonging. Graduate sessions build upon EDIB concepts through artistic 工作s. The office is also presenting two EDIB-focused sessions during the First Year Experience course (previously Colloquium) as an extension of the under研究生 orientation.




esball世博 is committed to ensuring that the members of its community have an equal opportunity to learn, 工作, 不论种族,都能茁壮成长, 国家的起源, color, 性, 性别认同, 性偏好, 宗教, 年龄, 残疾, 以及其他受法律保护的身份. 培养这些价值观, Juilliard’s learning 和 工作ing environment must be free from all forms of 性ual misconduct, 包括性骚扰和性暴力.  

Juilliard’s Office of 不歧视和第九条’s mission is to support the School’s commitment by: 

  • 执行茱莉亚学院的政策 反歧视、骚扰和仇恨/偏见行为政策 和 不当性行为政策

  • Increasing awareness of community members' Title IX 和 non-discrimination rights 和 responsibilities through prevention initiatives, 培训, 以及教育项目; 

  • Ensuring that Juilliard is compliant with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 through community 培训s 和 appropriate response to 性ual misconduct complaints; 

  • Investigating complaints of discrimination 和 性ual misconduct; 

  • Implementing impartial 和 administrative reviews of investigation findings according to proper established procedure; 

  • Identifying 和 facilitating 公平的 resolutions of complaints through alternative means such as mediation 和 restorative justice; 和  

  • Providing support through a variety of resources to anyone who may be subject to or aware of possible violations of  The 反歧视、骚扰和仇恨/偏见行为政策 或者是 不当性行为政策

We will 工作 with the community to further our mission 和 to ensure compliance with School policy. 



学生多样性倡议 offers student forums, 培训s, 和 activities celebrating the diversity of our community. 编程是由 提倡多样性, student leaders focused on educating the larger campus community on issues pertaining to diversity, 文化, 国际主义, 以及社会公正. We are grateful to the 提倡多样性 who have helped develop many resources including for 性别 pronouns, 选择的名字, 安全区域, 土地确认. 请浏览 学生多样性倡议页面在这里 了解更多. 



EDIB理事会, 以前特别工作组, was assembled in June 2019 to spearhead the 工作 和 values of EDIB at Juilliard. The Council is comprised of staff 和 faculty members from across the school, 这个小组定期开会探讨最佳实践, 复习建议, 和 develop strategies that connect current efforts with ongoing planning 和 development.